Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer Awareness Month

Daffodil Month to Us

April is Cancer Awareness Month, and the Canadian Cancer Society uses daffodil to represent the month. A little, resilient yellow flower – the first to bloom in spring and a survivor of cold winters – symbolizes a time of renewal and hope. April celebrates strength, courage, and life. This is an important time for Scentuals, as our founder’s brother was lost to cancer many years ago. Scentuals believes in the strength of all survivors and those fighting cancer, as well as their loved ones.

At Scentuals, living healthy is extremely important to us. Therefore, all our products are not just top-quality, but also toxin-free and 100% natural. However, for some, even the purest of products are still irritant. Although most of our fragrance comes from pure essential oils, some individuals may not respond well to it. Therefore, Scentuals is proud to present the ScentFree collection. Created in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society, ScentFree is an extremely nourishing collection that is entirely scent free.

Why is it important to recognize scent free products?


Fragrance is something that be linked to many emotional states. Perhaps it reminds you of a favourite season, or a loved one. However, for some, it can cause dizziness, headaches, and even nausea. For those that are sensitive to strong smells, the overwhelming constant presence of a particular scent can be debilitating, often triggering respiratory issues and even migraines.


The presence of fragrance, especially artificial fragrance, can be particularly harmful to the skin. For those with skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, fragrance in everyday products can cause their condition to flare up, sometimes even by proximity. For those that have sensitive skin, fragrance is also something to be weary of, as it could cause redness, itching, or swelling.

Being mindful

It is important to integrate scent free options into the home if someone in your family has sensitive skin or is sensitive to smells. It is also important to recognize that sensitivity to fragrance is an invisible struggle, and therefore if you are not sensitive yourself, you should practice being mindful of others when entering a vastly public, concentrated place. Schools, offices, and most importantly – hospitals – are all integrated areas that bear risk.

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