For the Mind Roll-On Set

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This fantastic gift set makes aromatherapy easy. Just roll-on and enjoy. Featuring our most popular aroma blends, made from pure essential oils. A unique gift for everyone.

The set contains: Balance, De-Stress, Focus

3 x 9ml

Recyclable Glass Bottles

Balance utilizes ylang ylang, juniper berry and neroli essential oils among others to relax the mind, relieve tension and uplift spirit.

De-Stress utilizes lavender, chamomile, neroli and lemon essential oils among others to calm nerves, anxiety and reduce stress.

Focus utilizes peppermint, cedarwood and clary sage essential oils among others to improve mental focus, promote relaxation and evoke feelings of wellness.

Our 100% natural Aromatherapy Roll-ons make aromatherapy easy and accessible. Our specially curated therapeutic grade essential oils have been blended in harmonious combinations to alleviate common everyday issues that crop up in busy and hectic modern-day lifestyles.

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