Organic Flaxseed Oil

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Flaxseed Oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that smooth, soften, and hydrate skin while evening tone. It helps to reduce signs of aging and dark circles, soothe burns and blisters, and reduce skin irritation and rashes.

Formulation: Oil


Recyclable Glass Bottle

  • Apply topically and sparingly to skin.

100% Natural Ingredients 

Linum usitatissimum (Flaxseed) Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Oil

Absolutely Free From

Animal Testing, Artificial Fragrances, Petroleum, Parabens, Sulfates, Dyes, SLS, Silicone Free, DEA

What are the benefits of Flaxseed Oil?

Organic Flax Seed Oil is an emollient, high in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, Vitamin B and minerals. It contains the alpha-linoleic acids (ALAs) which may contribute to younger looking skin. Organic Flax Seed Oil is reputed to be an excellent oil to use on sensitive skin. It is often added to other carrier oils, creams and lotions in order to add skin strengthening properties. It is also very soothing and is reputed to reduce the look of cellulite and to improve elasticity. Organic Flax Seed Oil can also be used to nourish the hair.

I have sensitive skin, can I use Flaxseed Oil?   

Yes, because of its natural and organic origins, FlaxSeed Oil is considered safe for sensitive or even inflamed skin. However, it is always recommended to patch test if you have extremely sensitive skin or are prone to allergies by dabbing a little on your inner forearm or under your jawline, and wait for 24hrs before applying it to large areas. Please consult a physician or dermatologist with concerns before using. 

What does FlaxSeed Oil smell like? What is it’s consistency?   

Flaxseed Oil’s smell is typical and characteristic of carrier oils- not fragrant at all. Its consistency is slightly on the thicker side and generally tends to leave an oily feeling on the skin.

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