Skincare for the Whole Family

Skincare for the Whole Family

Introducing healthy hygiene – early

Growing up, some of you may have some memories of lecturing parents telling you how to wash yourself. These prompts always felt like a chore rather than a rewarding experience. Establishing healthy habits and positive behaviours toward skincare early is extremely beneficial as your child grows into their adolescence.

Make bath time a bonding and learning experience for the whole family. When transitioning from baby to toddler, keep a gentle formula in mind. This is essential for young children, as their skin is naturally sensitive during this time. Teach your child how to properly cleanse the scalp by using Scentuals’ 100% natural Moisturizing Shampoo.Light scented, or completely scent-free, it is perfect for keeping the scalp hydrated, and hair smooth. Put a quarter-sized drop on their hands and teach them to lather their little heads by using slow, circular movements.


Convenience is key

It is a no-brainer that during our busy lives, we will reach for whatever gets the job done. Therefore, place products in your home that are helpful to the skin, and then place them in areas where they’ll get used. While lotion may be a typical bathroom product, keeping a tube of lotion by the bedside might be the key to encouraging moisturizing in the mornings and at night.

Make dry, cracked hands a thing of the past by placing a hydrating soap next to all sinks and in all showers in the home. Using soaps with nourishing elements like coconut, olive, and palm oils not only clean the skin, but keep it from drying out compared to other cleaning agents with Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), harsh fragrance, and synthetic dye. If you need an alternative, look no further than Scentuals’ 100% natural handcrafted soap bars.

Relaxing together

The power of tranquility and massages are not to be underestimated. Make lotions part of a nightly routine by using it to power down and promote relaxation. Not only does touch stimulate feelings of comfort, our soothing Calming Lavender lotion is a subtle way to integrate lavender’s sleeping aromatherapeutic properties into nighttime rituals as well. If your partner, or even little one, has trouble falling asleep at night you may want to help them. *Note: any lotion works just fine!

After they have moisturized the rest of their body, ask them to lie with their stomach down. Starting with the lower back, place a gracious amount of lotion on your hands, and press firmly, working your way up and into the shoulders. Not only does this keep a usually neglected area nourished, it is a nice time to relax together. If you find they are still restless, try asking them if you can massage their calves and back of the thigh – restless legs can keep anyone up at night!

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