Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips

Looking for a way to de-stress on the weekends or a kid friendly outdoor activity to do with the whole family? We’re getting ready for gardening season with some tips and tricks to grow the perfect garden!


Before you start picking out plants, consider where you’re planning to grow your beautiful garden. Whether it's in the backyard, on a window ledge or on the dining room table make sure your plants will have plenty of access to sunlight and enough space for their roots to grow comfortably.


If you’re living in the city or just short on gardening space, here a couple of our favourite sustainable ways to grow indoors:


Mason Jars


Mason Jars are the perfect reusable way to grow your favourite plants indoors! Pair these jars with Pea plants and you can turn any window or balcony into a lush green garden. Alternatively herbs like basil, cilantro or mint are great additions to any home and kitchen.

Egg Cartons are another great natural and compostable option to start a garden indoors. They’re perfect for growing plants that are best grown in warmer temperatures like peppers! Once your plant has grown too big for the carton you’ll be able to transplant it into larger vessel, pot or in the backyard. *Bonus Tip* Turn your eggshells into compost by pushing them into the soil around the plant, to help to increase calcium levels in the soil and keep pests away. Boosts in calcium levels are necessary for plants such as tomatoes or peppers that may not be getting enough sun indoors.

 Egg Cartons 




Are you someone who can’t live without avocado toast? Here’s an easy way to grow an avocado on your window ledge!



For those of you who are entirely new to gardening make sure to research the plants you want to grow. For beginners or those who are planting with children we would recommend growing Peas, Carrots, Green Onions or Romaine lettuce. These seeds can be planted inside or outside and grow effortlessly without too much maintenance required.


If you looking for more of a challenge or simply have more time on your hands we recommend growing pepper and tomatoes!. These plants require less water and a warmer climate so they are best grown inside and then transferred outside later on in the growing season once summer is in full swing. This can be done once the summer heat sets in and it’s warm enough for them to survive on their own.


Now that you’ve chosen where and what to plant, we can start digging! Make sure to create holes about an inch apart from each other to give the seeds plenty of room to grow. Once you have placed the seed in the hole, make sure to toss the soil on top. Remember not to pat down the soil! Compact soil can cause drainage issues and disturb growth of roots. Lightly sprinkling soil over the hole will help to ensure this doesn’t become a problem.


An extra tid bit for those of you growing indoor plants, to keep the creepy crawlies away push a garlic clove into the soil of the plant and gently spray the underside of the leaves with water. This trick will help discourage bugs!


Do you have any tips you’ve found essential to creating a lush garden? Share them below!


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